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Children Education in India

When we talk about child education in India, we can’t just talk about how education is in urban cities of India, without going deep into rural education that constitutes almost 90% of the schools being located in rural areas. Recent studies have shown how the face of education in rural parts of the country have developed to a great extent, but some remote areas still do need a serious checkup with children failing to receive basic quality education.The most common problems that hinders the growth of child education in India can be pointed out as


• Lack of proper transportation. Most villages have poor connectivity from one place to another and that is often one of the main reason why, despite efforts by local governing bodies to build schools, often go in vain. Children, most of the time have to walk miles to reach these government funded schools and this often demotivate them to attend school on a regular basis.

• People belonging to remote rural areas have meager incomes, which at times is too less to sustain a family of maybe four or five. Most likely, children from these families won’t be sent to schools, instead would be asked to assist the earning member of the family to add up some extra income. On the other hand, teachers in rural educational centers in villages are paid poorly, often leading to lack of attention by teachers, ultimately forcing the students to suffer.

Our commitment for Child education

  • Establishing schools in rural areas specially for underprivileged children s of weaker section of the society and provide free, value based education  in a stress-free student friendly environment. 
  • Create a platform where children’s get proper education and encouraging atmosphere for learning to pursue studies in a proper way.
  • Enable the child to discover their inner talents and to blossom them to the fullest potential
  • Providing basic facilities like clean toilets, drinking water, adequate classroom, playgrounds and modern teaching aid in schools for children s.