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A Journey Towards Suistainable Development

Rural entrepreneurship is now a major opportunity for the people who migrate from rural areas or semi - urban areas to Urban areas. On the contrary it is also a fact that the majority of rural entrepreneurs are facing many problems due to not availability of primary amenities like Lack of education, financial problems, insufficient technical and conceptual ability marketing of products, availability of electricity, water supply, transport facilities and required energy etc.

Rural development finds strong linkages to entrepreneurship. The village population has an innate ability to respond to their livelihood needs. The creativity coupled with innovative abilities to sustain with multiple livelihoods largely serves as triggering factor to promote Village Entrepreneurship. While the broad Indian growth story is explicitly credited to dynamic business entrepreneurship, the village communities do express their entrepreneurship, given the right business opportunity. Even in the interior rural areas of several states, a micro entrepreneurial class is emerging and undertaking several innovative activities. Some of them are providing services in education, livestock, dairying, health and financial services. This expanding entrepreneurial class presents a vast, hidden reservoir of talent to supplement formal systems of programme delivery. However, the micro-entrepreneurs need to be trained, handheld and supported with enabling environment to exploit their full potential. The Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are eminently suited to provide such support to the emerging micro-entrepreneurs. Who should be capable of making use of the government policies and schemes for the betterment of rural people? It means not only stopping the outflow of rural people but also attracting them back from the towns and cities where they had migrated. This is possible when young people consider rural areas as places of opportunities. 

Since globalization is a macro-concept and rural entrepreneurship is a micro-concept, occurring in a very limited area, it is very difficult to establish causal linkages, or to quantify the specific effects of globalization on rural entrepreneurship. However, it is possible to identify a range of different channels through which various aspects of globalization can be expected to change the welfare of rural entrepreneurship in India.