sakgvs- Contribute And Help For Noble Cause

A Journey Towards Suistainable Development

SAKGVS was founded by a group of professional’s in1999. The basic philosophy behind the formation of SAKGVS is to develop society through social development efforts with the help of sustainable approach. 

We are in this platform since 1999 and from that period we are giving our support to the women’s and the poorer peoples of the society. To attain our objective we were run several programs for self employment in the previous years and our vision is to educate the society in wide spectrum. Our plan is to enhance the per-capita income of the poor people so that he/she can improvise there life standards and also improvise their children’s life style by providing them basic education, food and shelter. In this context we shift our paradigm approach and broaden our view, we are providing the support in terms of capacity development and implementation of small entrepreneurship program at village level and available them technological support which help them increasing their income earning capacity . So far we reached to sketch the development module of the poor and rural person whose income level is very low and who is battling for the creating avenues for livelihood. Our process to create the customize solution for these people for sustainable development.